MarionMade! is a county-wide initiative focused on telling the story of Marion, past and present, through traditional and social media and online at MarionMade! brings together Marion residents, businesses, the Chamber, visitors, business associations and the library to promote positive features and stories about Marion’s people, products, places, programs, and projects.

Industry, advanced manufacturing, thriving small businesses, affordable and varied housing, recreation, entertainment, major health care providers, educational opportunities across the spectrum, historical sites, the arts, and generous people – we have it all in Marion! This unique collaboration is strengthening relationships throughout the county. MarionMade! is proof we proudly stand together in support of our vibrant community.

What is MarionMade?

The Team Name

for the feeling of pride in our county.

The Gathering Place

on social media for anyone in the community to share their positive stories about Marion’s people, places, products, and programs.

The Go-To Place

to gather information about the community.

The Tool

to help others in our community share the pride and become a fan or part of the team.

The Cheerleader

to encourage new growth and positive feedback about Marion County as a great place to live, work, play, and visit.

The Uniter

by sharing the great news about our people, places, products, programs from our past, present and future.